Friday, January 14, 2011

Norwegian Wood

It rains in japan. And if it doesn't, it snows. Or the wind blows. Hard. And a lot of people aren't really happy in Japan. At least, not those in Norwegian Wood, the film after Haruki Murakamis book.
The world that is shown, of Japan in the seventies, is not a nice one. Especially the world of two teens, Watanabe and Naoko, who are mourning for the loss of their friend, is extreme and crude. Slowly, they lose themselves, in each other, in themselves and in the world that they are trying to maintain.

But the images that show their world are beautiful close ups that suck you into the story. Director Tran Anh Hung managed to visualize feelings. He takes you along for a two hour trip through beautiful Japanese landscapes, to Japanese houses and to the seventies that are there in every detail.
I would recommend this film, if only for its visuals that make you forget about the two hours the film lasts for. I don't know if it's a good impression of the book, but the film tells a sad, nostalgic and lonely story. Perfect for this time of the year, I'd say, especially because you'll leave the venue with a spark of hope. And, in my case, the intention to finally start reading the work of Murakami.

And just because it's a really nice song, and the title of the film:

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